At The Bottling Co we take pride with our customers and their product. We learn something new from each of our customers and continually strive to improve our services. We perform a CIP (Clean In Place) routine as per manufacturers instructions, before and after every bottling run to ensure our equipment remains clean and sanitary.  The bottling co operates a compact mobile & bottling operation from the Northern Rivers of NSW and offers a fast and reliable service to the craft beverage industry. Whether you are bottling beer, water, kombucha, tea or any other fermented or carbonated drinks, we can offer you a bottling and labelling solution.  


Mobile bottling & labelling is performed at your brewery with the bottling unit coupled directly to your Brite Tank or Fermenter Tank. Servicing the south east QLD region, call us today to discuss your bottling and labelling needs.


Our bottling line is a Martin Robot 8 Head Parallel counter pressure filler machine & crowner. It is designed to work with glass bottles & 26mm crown lids. The machine will work with various size bottles ranging from 59mm in diameter to 86mm. And from 194mm to 312mm in height.  This unit is capable of bottling 750 to 2200 bottles per hour depending on bottle size, carbonation and temperature levels. 


Our labelling machine is an Aztro King David Label Applicator. This unit collects the bottles straight after the filling process on a conveyor and applies a self adhesive label to the glass bottle. This machine is capable of labelling many different size bottles & containers. Call us today to discuss your options.